Today, we are announcing two major changes to LVL.

First, we’ve launched a new website! Our website presents our vision for the future of money: a crypto wallet, checking account, and zero-fee exchange combined in one frictionless experience. And a debit card to spend freely. In the coming months, we will present more information on the release timing of these features. To get involved, use a referral link to sign up for our Beta. 

Second, the LVL Advisory Board (LAB) is being phased out. The LAB has been invaluable to the success of LVL thus far, and contributed richly to the development of LVL’s product. As we grow, our corporate and regulatory requirements would require advisory board members to disclose their identities on our website. While we KYC all customers and customer privacy is important to us, we value corporate transparency, and this is not a choice we wished to force upon the LAB. Furthermore, we plan to reinvest financial resources from the LAB to a professional advisory board more consistent with our stage of development.

We look forward to making several announcements about the team, product, and roadmap in the coming months. We are deeply grateful to the LAB for getting us to where we are today and hope this evolution helps us bring exciting product features to market more quickly and transparently than ever before.

Introducing AMM

April 9, 2019

READ - The White Paper

Automated Market Making (AMM) is our first automated strategy available to LVL members. Think of your AMM as a trading bot that trades funds on your behalf. Your AMM tracks the market price and offers to buy below market and sell above market, 24 hours a day. AMM's can be funded from your wallet, are fully automatic, and have only two settings to learn.

Your AMM creates value on LVL by providing liquidity for retail market orders. That's why we're launching AMM's as our first strategy. AMM's provide every user the opportunity to make LVL's marketplace more efficient, and make a potential profit along the way. And because markets start out inefficient, AMM's help reward early LVL members that create liquidity.


Frequently Asked Questions


Market makers place buy orders for less than market price and sell orders for higher than market price.

Why should I market make?

Market making trades 24/7 for a profitable spread and creates liquidity on Level.

Is market making risky?

The two main risks with market making are mispriced trades and investing risk. We use Messari as a pricing source. Market making trades real funds and is subject to typical investing risks.

Is market making more profitable than buying BTC?

This depends heavily on market conditions. As part of a diversified investing strategy, market making creates a profit opportunity when markets are volatile but price-stable.

How is this different than other exchanges?

Market making, market orders, and trading are all free for Level members. 100% of market making profits on Level go to inventory holders. Level does not market make corporate funds.

Since launching trading on Level, we’ve been building dedicated relationships with our Alpha users and rapidly improving the product based on their feedback. In the past two weeks, we’ve made two major improvements to the user experience.

A New Look for Level

While focusing on getting a working product out the door (trading and secure wallets), Level’s minimalistic user interface took a backseat. In this update, we’ve responded with the following changes.

Preparing for Liquidity

A major reason why traders trust and use a particular exchange is because of liquidity. In the past, this has been done by paying people to "make the market" or mirroring the order books of other exchanges. At Level, we plan to create liquidity in a fresh and innovative way. You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks, but in preparation for our liquidity project, we improved our users’ wallet experience. This includes:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal modals

  • Improved navigation within accounts

  • Updated account interface to be extensible for multiple wallets

Also, Canada Support

We love our friends to the north, and are now able to support all features on Level for Canadian users! We're excited for these users to join the Alpha and help us test trading on Level. As always, our priority is to listen to feedback and build the exchange our community wants. To join our community, Sign Up, follow us on Twitter @LevelInvest, or join our Discord.

Product Update

March 5, 2019

See the Exchange

We’re really excited to share how Level is coming along. It has been less than a month since we officially launched the Level Alpha and with each and every week, we’re building on our learnings about how to establish trust, communicate our vision, and of course, launch a cryptocurrency exchange. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been building during this time.

The Current State of Level

  • Users can sign up to get on the waitlist

  • Access codes active to skip the line

  • Intuitive KYC process

  • Deposit and withdraw from BitGo-powered wallets

  • Live Limit Order Trading on USDC pairs

Next Steps

Calling all Alpha testers! Now that Level is open for live trading, we encourage users to finish verifying their accounts, make a deposit, and start trading. Your goal should be to test the usability of the product and give constructive feedback. Our goal will be to listen to your feedback and rapidly iterate the product to build the exchange that you want. There are many imperfections left to find and core features coming soon (hint: liquidity), and we cannot wait to share these announcements with you in the coming weeks and months. Sign up today at, follow us on our Twitter @LevelInvest, or join our Discord

This week we introduced Level - a new crypto exchange based on a flat fee model and designed with the input of influential advisors. After months of working in stealth mode, we were excited to finally share what we’ve been working on with Crypto Twitter. We try to listen to customer feedback, whether positive or not, and a common sentiment was hard to ignore:

Why are all these advisors shilling another exchange?

This is a completely fair question, we think we understand why it's being asked, and we respect your right to reach your own conclusion about our business and ethics. We hope this article helps to clarify how we work with advisors.

We've seen shills and token advisors attach their names to ICO projects, adding credibility to the team and vouching for the long-term prospects of the project. In return, these advisors have been compensated short-term in cash or tokens. The mismatch between incentive structures has led to poor results. It’s worth noting that when a token advisor shills, they may also be acting as illegal Investment Advisors under US Securities Law. In this sense, tokens are analagous to penny stocks, and advisors analagous to "boiler rooms."

Level is an equity company and not a token project. We don’t have a token, and we will never have an ICO. Our team members, both employees and advisors, are equity owners in the business. And advisors specifically are never compensated in cash or crypto.

Advising an equity company is different from a token business. Yes, advisors may profit in the long-term if the company creates value but get nothing unless the company receives private equity investment, becomes publicly listed, or gets acquired. All of these outcomes require the same thing: delivering on the business's promise to customers. Equity advisors, by the nature of their incentive structure, must believe in the vision and team, and contribute value to end users, to realize any return on their involvement.

We take this extremely seriously at Level. More advisors wanted to be involved in Level than are currently involved. When advising recruits asked for cash, we didn’t hire them. When advisors joined the team and then pushed for short term compensation, we fired them. And the team that formed is a team we believe is dedicated to accomplishing our mission.

We welcome scrutiny from the customers we serve on every aspect of our operations. At Level, we know trust isn't expected, must always be earned, and can never be taken for granted. We look forward to working every day to earn your trust.

Introducing Level

Feb. 12, 2019

Crypto exchanges provide a valuable service helping users adopt crypto. Exchanges also charge extremely high fees compared to traditional finance. These fees target new investors, drain returns, and reduce adoption. We believe the exchange business model should be aligned with the interests of the consumer. So we worked with members of the community to develop a new approach. After six months, we’re excited to reveal what we’ve been working on. Today, we’re excited to announce the Level Alpha.

Level is an exchange where Members enjoy unlimited, easy cryptocurrency trading for only $5/month. Level’s flat, $5, monthly fee means:

  • You can trade as often as you want, at no extra charge
  • And keep 100% of your returns
  • We think this is a solid value. For the price you pay to make a handful of trades on other exchanges, you get unlimited trades on Level for an entire month

Level offers:

  • A secure, multi-signature wallet
  • And an easy-to-use technical interface
  • With the best value based pricing in crypto
  • And .. all on a regulated, US-based exchange

Level was built by members of the crypto community. Our 21 person founding team is majority experienced crypto traders and influencers. Our founding team are Level members as well. So we asked a few to talk about why they joined Level:

  • Exchanges play a key role giving people access to crypto. I joined Level  because reducing exchange fees will increase adoption. - @jimmysong
  • What I value most about Level is just that – they’re putting everyone on the same level when it comes to trading. Total transparency, no unfair advantages. - @thecryptodog
  • Most people have no clue just how often crypto exchanges take advantage of people. For mass crypto adoption, we have to be able to trust exchanges. With Level, you get security as well as value based trading with no fees on every trade. -  @Josh_Rager

Now you can be a part of Level. Become an Alpha Member and get a $5 monthly membership fee for life - and join the exchange built for Members like you.

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