December 13, 2021

LVL x Mastercard

Our partnership with Mastercard.
Chris Slaughter

We’ve been working with Mastercard for over a year to develop the LVL Card and upcoming LVL Metal Card. We chose Mastercard because of their deep anti-fraud technology and commitment to consumers. Now, we’re thrilled that Mastercard has chosen LVL as one of five companies to join their Start Path program to help to expand and accelerate our mission to bank on Bitcoin. This will connect us with Mastercard’s ecosystem of partners across the globe, all in the pursuit of solving real-world problems. Mastercard’s mission is to “connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible.”

The LVL Card and LVL Metal Card.

The LVL Card, our Mastercard debit card is offered to all LVL users for free. For zero dollars or sats, each member is issued a debit card that they can use to pay all of their bills and conduct all of their spending. And with our free exchange, users never pay trading fees or other hidden fees. Soon, the LVL Metal card will be issued to our LVL Premium members, giving them the opportunity to be that person with a metal card. The LVL Metal Card may also feature some exciting new surprises. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe.

We couldn't have reached this incredible milestone without our amazing team, advisors and advocates that all work together to make banking on Bitcoin a reality! To them, and you reading this, thank you!

We are on the cusp of incredible growth. There is a hair-on-fire problem and we will continue to push forward. There are growing pains with the latest growth, and innovation takes time; however, thanks to the builders, the dreamers, the movers, and the shakers, things will be better for all. Generations will look back on the accomplishments the Bitcoin community is making with admiration.

Oh yeah!

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