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Powerful features in one clean, easy to use app.


Checking account FDIC insured through Evolve Bank & Trust.


LVL never charges hidden fees or sells customer data.

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"one of the best, and most underrated teams in the bitcoin space right now... phenomenal customer service, like above and beyond"

"so far so good! zero technical issues with the app, and the hybrid crypto cash feature work seamlessly."

"You can’t get better fees than lvl. It’s the best and super easy to use. The autopilot feature is still early but in 1-5 years it’ll be a great investment vehicle! So glad I found out about lvl now!!"

"Core functions are easy to access and use. Personal banker is responsive, helpful, and professional. Personal banker is very welcoming of feedback to pass along to dev team. Overall app design is intuitive with only a few minor hiccups."

"Lvl yield farming! I gained money when the markets were falling, I really like this feature as a hedge! Great experience so far with all other features as well!"