Accounts - Identity & Documents

April 13, 2019

Why Identity & Documents

Level is a regulated financial services company.  Regulations require us to know our member’s identities, know our member’s location of legal residency, to comply with economic sanctions laws, and other requirements.  Level takes our regulatory obligations seriously. 

Some helpful tips:

  • Be accurate.  Data entry or keystroke errors may slow processing of your information.
  • If you use the auto-complete function of a browser or other password manager, ensure the data entry matches the corresponding field and correct where applicable.
  • When providing documents, please provide documents from your region of legal residency. 


You will need to enter the following data:

  • First and Last Name - Use your name as it appears on your government id. Do NOT use nicknames, or name shortening.  For example, do not shorten ‘Anthony’ to ‘Tony’. 
  • Address – Street number, Street name, Unit Number (also known as apartment number), City, and Postal Code.  The country information you provided when you signed up should carry over here – check and confirm that the country (and state for U.S. customers) is correct. EU members – the Photo ID provided in next steps must be of the same region of your address.
  • Date of Birth – Use the drop downs to select your date of birth – month, day, year.
  • Social Security Number  (U.S.)–  Regulations require us to capture your taxpayer identification information, which for individuals in the U.S. is your social security number.
  • Driver’s License Number (U.S.) – The number from your state issued Driver’s License.  If you do not have a Driver’s License, use a state issued id. The state of your ID must match the state of your current address. 
  • Document Number (International) – The number from your passport.  We highly recommend international members use your passport as your ID, as not all other documents are supported. 

After you submit your Identity data, you will move on to photo ID collection. 


On the Photo ID page, you will be presented with a url to go to ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE.  Do not go to this address on your desktop computer, as most desktop computer cameras do not meet the photograph resolution requirements for image capture.  You may also send the link to your email and follow the link on your mobile device.

U.S. members – Use a State Issued ID, like a Driver’s License or other State ID.

International members – Use your passport, as not all other IDs are supported

The link will open a site on your mobile device where you will follow the prompts regarding image capture. 

  • Selfie – Take a picture(s) of yourself when prompted.  Depending on your phone’s operating system, you may be asked to say some words at the same time.
    • Use sufficient lighting – natural sunlight works best. 
  • Documents – Take pictures of your government ID as prompted. 
    • Lighting  – Make sure you have sufficient lighting and that there are no shadows.  Natural sunlight works best. Avoid using your camera’s flash if at all possible.
    • Edge Capture - Place the ID on a surface, preferably a dark surface.  Do not hold it in your hand, as fingers can obstruct the document.
    • Glare – Pictures should be taken straight on, but if there is glare a slight tile of the camera may resolve it. Images with glare may delay processing time.
    • Focus – Make sure the all the information is clear and legible, with no blur.  Characters that appear blurry in the photo may delay processing time.

When the selfie and document process capture is complete, you will be prompted to return to Document upload and processing can take a few minutes.  If the document link is still visible after a minute or so, refresh the page. 

Congratulations! You have submitted the required information for Level Membership.  You are one step closer to trading on Level.

Next Step

Check out your wallet features, and fund  your account.