Accounts - 2FA

May 24, 2019

Two Factor Authentication

You will log in using your email, and the password you created.  As an extra layer of security, we require a second password (2FA) to be entered, and that second password must be a password that is used only once (OTP).  We require all funded accounts to use two factor authentication. 

Many users are familiar with one time password generation via SMS (text).  Level does not use SMS for OTPs, as it has been shown to be less secure than other OTP methods. 

You will need to have an 2FA app.  Common 2FA apps such as

Or, password managers that have 2FA options, such as LastPass, can be used to link your account and generate your OTP.

When creating your OTP for the first time:

  • On desktop – scan the QR code on your screen with your mobile device
  • On mobile – use your email and the secret displayed

Your authenticator app should generate a one time password for you to enter.  Reminder – enter it quickly, before it expires.  OTPs are designed to refresh frequently.

A secret will also be displayed – this secret can be used to reset your 2FA in the event you lose your 2FA linked device. MAKE SURE TO KEEP A COPY OF YOUR SECRET IN A SAFE PLACE, PREFERABLY NOT STORED ELECTRONICALLY. 

Congratulations! You have made your account more secure, and are one step closer to unlimited trading.

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